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This proposal is based on the information provided by the client. Project costs will not exceed the stated amount without the client's prior approval. However, any changes or revisions initiated by the client outside of the scope of the project we have agreed upon will require re-evaluation of the proposal and may be subject to additional charges.


PROPOSAL | The fees and expenses shown are estimates only. Final fees and expenses will be provided on final invoice. This proposal is valid for a period of 30 days from issuance.


TRANSFER OF RIGHTS | Client will receive exclusive rights to use items or products produced for this project in all client marketing, advertising, business papers and promotional materials, upon receipt of full payment. Blue Chrome Studios retains the right to use these items or products for portfolio samples, exhibitions, self-promotions, editorial use or for display. All preparatory materials (including mechanical files, unused concepts, sketches, etc.) are proprietary and remain the property of Blue Chrome Studios.


CANCELLATION | If this project is canceled or postponed prior to completion, client agrees to pay for time and materials used.


PAYMENT | Print orders require full payment at time of order placement. Design fees are payable in two installments: 50% due upon signature and acceptance of this agreement and 50% upon completion of project.

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